Fireshot Pro trial expired

If any of you happen to have the above message “FireShot Pro trial expired.”, this is what you want to do:

Start regedit.exe with admin┬áprivileges and search for “fx_prokey” (depending on how you installed your software – from firefox/chrome, using installer – it has a different location). You will find something like this:


Just change the yes to no, and your problems will be over. This fix should work on any kind of browser.

8 thoughts on “Fireshot Pro trial expired

  1. Dusty

    You are my hero! I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem for months now, but nothing worked. This works like a charm. Thanks so much.

  2. Saeid

    I did what you said, and get back the basic version, but how can I get the Pre version (blue color one) please inform me ASAP. it should be a trick.

  3. Jordan

    It Worked for me.
    1. I type regedit in run,then it automatically send me to fireshot folder locaation.
    Screenshot Studio for firefox. I Default ; fx_prokey

    2. Double click the fx_prokey,change value from NO to YES. Exit.

    3. Start fireshot,it will say that trial is still expired.

    4. Restart regedit,Repeat #2 Process,
    but this time change value from NO to YES.

    This is what worked for me. Thank You Guys’ Peace’

  4. kaka

    It only work with older version. Latest version is saving trial information in deep registry along with some info in hidden encrypted file. I have successfully traced these place and now have another 30 days pro trial.


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