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Yahoo Messenger emoticons not showing…

Recently I’ve came across a problem with Yahoo Messenger 10 (version 9 also): when you press the emoticons icon, you see a grid of nothing. Can’t really explain it, so it’s better you set it for yourself:

Yahoo Messenger no emoticonsThe first “sighting” of the problem was on a computer used by someone. I thought it was a virus or something like that. The problem appeared also on a different computer which i have install recently with windows XP SP3 Professional (with the normal set of programs that i usually install). Both users where not admins on there computers. So, after a little digging i found that a solution is to grant the user permissions to the Yahoo Messenger installation directory (I am sure that it works with permission on the Profile folder, but i couldn’t check). Don’t know why, i have a bunch of computers that don’t have that problem. I will try to investigate the error further the next few days.